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Watercolor Painting Workshop

Ladies of the WMAS

Join us every other Sunday (check the calendar) for a continuing workshop in watercolor painting. A small donation to pay for supplies and the instructor is requested. Our instructor is Mary Ann Lipovsky, a native born resident of Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Originally she began her art career in the mid ’70’s, going to night school in San Francisco. Wanting to continue her education on a full-time basis she moved back East to study at the MD School of Art and Design, now a part of Mont. College. Presently she shows her works, mainly pen and ink and watercolor, with… (Read More)

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Papercraft Art with 4H STEAM Team

Since meeting them at the April Maker Faire, we have been hosting a series of activities attended by the James McHenry 4-H STEAM Team. Some of the kids are starting to hang out at the MakerSpace. This morning, Bethany leads a large group in learning the basics of origami. If you have a group, or even just a collection of neighborhood kids or family, and you’d like to get more hands-on experience with STEM and STEAM (art-infused science and tech), please stop in and chat with us, or send us an online message.

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Saving Laptops from E-Recyclying

My desk area is a royal mess, and I’m being yelled at to clean up. I managed to clear off enough of my work table to build a pile of… new work! We’re trying to save these 24 laptop computers from the Greenbelt Electronics Recycling program, which happens this Saturday morning, July 25. If you would like to learn how to test and rebuild an old Windows laptop into a usable Linux system(*), drop in and pick one out. For more info about electronics recycling, please visit the City website. *: We have a couple old Mac laptops too.

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Sunday Arts Program is UP to Recycle


(Moose!) Put down that hammer or paintbrush and join us on the afternoon of Sunday, July 19, to take apart and up-cycle components into modern works of art. If you’re more of a de-constructionist, this is also your type of activity. Crack open stuff to see what makes it tick, turn, or burn. Then hand the pieces off to the artist in your family. Short on family members? Come meet others in the community who just might share some of your interests.

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Re-Build a PC Workshop

build a pc

Our first tech workshop on the Summer calendar will send you home with a working personal desktop computer! Use our used parts, or bring your own new or used components. This event is for all ages. We will explain how the basic components, power supply, memory, disk, etc. all fit together. We’ve pulled the parts from donated systems and we’re busy cleaning and testing everything. You’ll have better than 80% chance of being successful, but nothing is perfect. A suggested donation of $10 will help cover the cost of supplies. There is no signup for this free event, just show… (Read More)

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