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Festival Focus: Take it Apart

Caution, some disassembly is required. This warning should come on all gadgets, mechanical or electronic, and should encourage the object’s owner to get every last bit of value from their purchase or gift. Yes, please recycle your junk electronics on April 22nd. But before you just toss it away, stop by the Maker Festival on Saturday to take part in our take it apart event! We’ll be here all day, from 10-4, for you to bring in stuff that you’ve always wanted to crack open. Junk free? No worries, we have lots of, um, supplies! This event is open to the public and to… (Read More)

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Finally… Moving Day

All future posts will happen at MakerSpace125.Org. Note, the new website is under development as a hands-on project of the Tuesday night STEM project night and Web Creativity class. 

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Holiday Break

4th of July

The summer is just getting started, with great weather and lots of activities. We have a lot of work scheduled at Club125, including three summer camps and several community projects. There will be no time for vacation for club volunteers or managers, and while we really enjoy our "work", we also need some time to relax and recharge all our batteries. So enjoy your holiday weekend, we sure will! The club is closed July 2 – July 7. We will re-open next Tuesday, July 8th.  

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Soldering Project

Karl Grotke has had enough with the toy siren of his popular Introduction to Soldering Class! Now that we have a crew of new soldering technicians, let's move on to a real project. The "Minty Boost" is a small (Altoids tin size) battery charger for cell phones or anything else with a USB charging cable. We estimated supplies at $20. Pay with credit/check/cash or use PayPal below. Karl is trying to find local parts to reduce the cost so you may get a small refund (which you may, of course, choose to donate to the club or even tip the instructor!)… (Read More)

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Soldering Workshops

Karl Grotke is back to teach a popular Introduction to Soldering Class! This is a great class if your soldering skills are a little rusy, or non-existent.   Each student builds a flashing siren while learning the basics of soldering.   Supplies are $10 to cover the cost of materials or $20 and you keep the soldering iron. Pay with credit/check/cash or use PayPal below. Our next intro class is Saturday, June 21 1:00 – 4:00 pm.  Class size is limited (and there's only a few slots remaining). Save a spot; sign up on Signup Genius! Class Supplies $10 Class Supplies and Tools $20… (Read More)

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Website 6-week Workshop

Ugh, our Club125 website needs a lot of work. We've been so busy with activities that we haven't had time to complete the original design. We simply got the site functional and then posted a few pieces of key news here and there. But we weren't consistant, and we defaulted to using Facebook for our day to day news. And now it looks like one of our original ideas has gained some necessary traction. We're starting a project to prototype new website designs for local Greenbelt merchants and for the community as a whole. If you are interested in helping on… (Read More)

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Spring Discounts – Save $100 on Summer Camp!

Opps, you've missed our spring discount!  Register by May 1 and cut 33% off the regular tuition fee, save $100 and pay just $200 for a five day summer camp. We have also cut the cost of our spring break camp by 20%, save $60 or attend the optional Friday project session for free. You won't find a better price for STEM education that is: Hands-on ♦ Fun, Challenging, and Rewarding ♦ 5:1 instructor ratio Learn to program in Scratch, Arduino, and Mindstorms. Register now at SignUp Genius. Camp Curriculum: Session Dates Topics Summer Robotics July 14-18 Robotics engineering and programming with Mindstorms… (Read More)

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