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Repair Cafe April 2017

The Repair Cafè is a free community service offered by a volunteer staff to help people repair their damaged or broken goods. The classroom and workshop areas of the MakerSpace, located next to the Old Greenbelt Theater (directions), will be converted into several repair stations. Each station will focus on different types of objects: clothing and fabric items, computers, electronics, small appliances, jewelry, small motors, bicycles, and furniture. Mark your calendar for future dates: April 22; July 15; October 21  

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Festival Focus: Take it Apart

Caution, some disassembly is required. This warning should come on all gadgets, mechanical or electronic, and should encourage the object’s owner to get every last bit of value from their purchase or gift. Yes, please recycle your junk electronics on April 22nd. But before you just toss it away, stop by the Maker Festival on Saturday to take part in our take it apart event! We’ll be here all day, from 10-4, for you to bring in stuff that you’ve always wanted to crack open. Junk free? No worries, we have lots of, um, supplies! This event is open to the public and to… (Read More)

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Little Makers Go Crazy with Yarn!


To close out our Membership Week, this Friday, 4/14, our monthly Little Makers event is taking place from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Pre-school-aged kids (ages 2 through 6) and their families are invited to come and make a unique craft! This month, the Little Makers will be working with yarn. What is possible? Google it, and for example check out yarn crafts for kids.  

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Minecraft Club Open House

Minecraft enthusiasts of all ages are invited to join us this Thursday, 5-6:60 and again all day Saturday. We have all types of projects and game play planned for the future, but this is just a casual meetup to play. If you would like to volunteer to be a world admin or a software developer, please contact us.

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Microelectronics Demo and Class

A hand holding an Arduino microcontroller

Please join us Thursday evening between 7 and 9pm for a series of demonstrations on the practical use and power of the simple Arduino microcontroller. Rick will show how to use a moisture sensor to notify you of wet or dry conditions, a tool that can be used to keep plants healthy or basements dry. The Arduino is a small inexpensive microcontroller that can be used in a wide variety of engineering, arts, and crafts projects. Any project that interfaces or interacts with the physical world can probably benefit from using an Arduino, with sensors, switches, lights, motors, or other… (Read More)

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Knights and Castles Chess Club

Playing Chess

For several weeks, we have been meeting on Tuesday evenings for an informal meetup to play chess. By request, we’re now adding short lessons to the start of each hour. Our Knights (beginner) group meets from 7 to 8pm while our Castles (intermediate) group meets from 8 to 10pm. Players of all levels and all ages are welcome to join us.

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LEGO Project Building

Colorful Legos

Join us Tuesday, 5:00 – 6:30, for some LEGO fun! Younger kids can free play but we will have design and engineering challenges for ages 7 and up. Adults are welcome to join in, just bring some creativity to give your mind some exercise. This activity will also happen, perhaps with prizes?, at the Maker Festival on Saturday. So consider this a warm up.

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DIY Yogurt Making


Join us Monday at 5pm to learn how amazingly easy it is to make yogurt at home! Nothing artificial, no added sugar, no fancy equipment. Nearly everyone loves yogurt: it’s great in shakes, terrific in smoothies, and refreshing when eaten plain. Today, yogurt is available in many varieties and flavors, from thick, Greek varieties to fruited, organic types. And while many people know how healthful yogurt is and eat it as a part of their regular diet, few people know that it is also easy to make at home — without special equipment. -wikiHow

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Ranked Choice Voting – A Better Way to Elect City Council

Early Vote Counts

Does every vote count? If you ever find yourself voting in an election with multiple candidates for multiple open seats, such as the election of the Greenbelt City Council, you may observe that over time the incumbent candidates have a very high probability of being reelected to office. Of course, incumbents have the well earned advantage of having experience and of being more well known than any given challenger. However it may often be the case that a challenger has greater average support than the last place incumbent who wins reelection. The reason a strong challenger is at a great disadvantage at… (Read More)

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First Friday Game Night!

movie and game night

Join us at MakerSpace this Friday from 6PM to 9PM for our First Friday Game Night! Challenge your neighbors to games of skill like Settlers of Catan and Dominion. Not one for board games? Try Fluxx, the card game where strategy serves you until the rules and the end-goal suddenly change! It’s as full of twists and turns as a road in the Rockies.

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