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Build a PC and Linux Install Workshop

build a pc

Are you in need of a computer system but can’t afford retail prices? There are lots of used equipment out there to be had, but we’ll go one better. Come to our PC build workshop to learn how to refurbish a system and walk away with it for free! That’s called a “win – win” situation. If you happen to have gently used and unused systems laying around the house, laptops or PCs, please consider donating them to the MakerSpace for this project. Or perhaps you have an old computer that can no longer be upgraded but you would like… (Read More)

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Sunday Arts Program is UP to Recycle


(Moose!) Put down that hammer or paintbrush and join us on the afternoon of Sunday, July 19, to take apart and up-cycle components into modern works of art. If you’re more of a de-constructionist, this is also your type of activity. Crack open stuff to see what makes it tick, turn, or burn. Then hand the pieces off to the artist in your family. Short on family members? Come meet others in the community who just might share some of your interests.

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Re-Build a PC Workshop

build a pc

Our first tech workshop on the Summer calendar will send you home with a working personal desktop computer! Use our used parts, or bring your own new or used components. This event is for all ages. We will explain how the basic components, power supply, memory, disk, etc. all fit together. We’ve pulled the parts from donated systems and we’re busy cleaning and testing everything. You’ll have better than 80% chance of being successful, but nothing is perfect. A suggested donation of $10 will help cover the cost of supplies. There is no signup for this free event, just show… (Read More)

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Catch the Arduino bug!

A hand holding an Arduino microcontroller

The Arduino is a small inexpensive microcontroller that can be used in a wide variety of engineering, arts, and crafts projects. Any project that interfaces or interacts with the physical world can probably benefit from using an Arduino, with sensors, switches, lights, motors, or other control devices. Not sure what this means? Take a look here, or here. The next class starts Wed, Jan 15th, 7:30 – 9:00pm, and it runs for six weeks. Register below…

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More Summer Electronics Fun!

Arduino Microcontroller

Our second round of Arduino microelectronics classes start July 17 and 18th and continue until September. The Wednesday class will be for novice beginners while the Thirsday class will be a project lab. For folks without a project, we have four devices to build for the club, plus an open-ended arts project. Please reserve your spot in the class and/or lab by using the form below…

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Learn to Solder

Basic Soldering Kit

Learn the fundamentals of soldering — and pick up an essential skill for building electronic gadgets, repairing broken devices, or creating artwork. Many of our future microcontroller projects will be greatly enhanced by good soldering technique.  Membership in Club125 is NOT required. A lab fee covers the expense of tools and consumed components. Students may also choose to bring their own projects to class.

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Build Your First Website

Website Development

This workshop class is for folks who want to build their own website, rather than depend on social media or other service providers. No prior experience is needed, and you will NOT need to learn any programming skills. We will use two different platforms, the WordPress blog engine (used on and the Drupal content management system (used on The first class is Tuesday, June 11 at 7:30pm.

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Living with Linux and Windows

Linux and Windows

This workshop series alternates between Linux and Windows and will be adjusted to student needs. We start with an introduction to the Linux Desktop using Mint, the system we have chosen for our desktop systems. Our laptop systems are powered by Windows 8 to give us a platform to teach tips and tricks about Microsoft Windows. These classes are for people with novice to average computer skills. If you are new to Linux, or if you are frustrated by some of the odd things that happen every time you power on your computer, this is the class for you. The first… (Read More)

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Today – Learn to Compost Workshop

various stuff that is good to compost

Have you ever wanted to start a compost pile in your back yard? Or vermicompost at your apartment? Reduce waste and improve your soil/potted plants!! Join us for a FREE Composting workshop, sponsored by CHEARS, Club 125, and the City of Greenbelt! When? June 8th, 2013 Where? Club 125 (at the Roosevelt Center = 125 Centerway) Time? 10 am – 3 pm

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