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Spring Break Is Here

Kids love this week. Not even windy and wet weather can disappoint a kid because worse case there’s a) no school and b) Summer is right around the corner. We’re busy this week with our “taste of tech” camp program with a great set of kids eager to learn, share, and play their way to becoming future engineers and scientists. Or maybe an artist or a poet. We’re working with creative software and engaging environments to teach animation, game design, and programming skills. And that’s just day one!  

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First Day of Spring

The first day of spring seems like the perfect day to get out of a slump and start down the path of making great things happen. Yeah, sure, New Year’s day seems to have a stranglehold on this idea. But let’s have a show of hands of everyone who has kept their resolutions alive for the last 80 days. If so, you’ve maybe lasted long enough to create or break a habit. Studies differ on this but what does it matter except to you. So here we are. I’m starting the season off with a challenge to myself. I’m going… (Read More)

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