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Linux Geek in Action

Windows on ev3 Linux

I’ve been using Linux for 23 years, though my daily desktop system is Windows and my play system is an iPad. While I can barely tolerate using Windows, I enjoy Linux, both the command line and even the GUI when I must venture to use graphical applications. Here I am installing the ssh (remote access)  client on Debian running on the ARM9 chip of a LEGO Mindstorms EV3 better known for its proprietary robotics firmware. At the same time, I am installing the OpenSSH server for access to PowerShell on my Windows 10 laptop. The EV3 and laptop are connected over an IP network running… (Read More)

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Rubik’s Cube Solver Bot

One of our makers at Just Robotics Summer Camp built a Rubik’s Cube Solver Bot.  The robot was based on the Mindcub3r design for LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Robotics Set. MakerSpace has a resident rubik’s cube solver that often performs at festivals and events, but this robot is by far the coolest looking rubik’s cube solver bot I’ve ever seen. Check out the video:

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