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Sunday Arts Program is UP to Recycle


(Moose!) Put down that hammer or paintbrush and join us on the afternoon of Sunday, July 19, to take apart and up-cycle components into modern works of art. If you’re more of a de-constructionist, this is also your type of activity. Crack open stuff to see what makes it tick, turn, or burn. Then hand the pieces off to the artist in your family. Short on family members? Come meet others in the community who just might share some of your interests.

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Plastic Recycling into Filament

plastic recycler

We’re in the market for a plastic recycling system that creates the filament used by 3D printers. There are at least six products on the market, plus a few DIY projects that are more to prove it can be done rather than be usable devices. The commercial products do a pretty good job, but vary in speed, quality and convenience. So we need to be careful.

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