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Friday Movie and Discussion

This Friday our weekly meetup at 7pm is hosted by a member to show Valentino’s Ghost on the big TV. Narrated by Michael Farrell, filmmaker Michael Singh’s documentary explores how depictions of Arabs and Muslims have changed from the romanticized image of Rudolph Valentino’s The Sheik to contemporary representations of evil. This 2012 film has a 7.8/10 rating by the IMDb. You may not agree with every observation in Michael Singh’s documentary “Valentino’s Ghost.” But this engrossing examination of American perceptions of Arabs and the Arab world gets you thinking. -NYT Critics’ Pick  

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Sci/Fi and Real (NASA) Science

The Martian opens October 2 and NASA wants everyone to know, there is real science behind the scenes. Many of the technologies described in the movie are based on work NASA is doing today. For instance, advanced solar electric propulsion systems that use ion propulsion and minimize fuel consumption while maximizing distance, and Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators (RTGs), which use the natural radioactive decay of plutonium as a source of energy for spacecraft, are in use right now. Oxygen generation systems and water recycling systems on the International Space Station today will continue to be refined for deep space travel. Advanced… (Read More)

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Friday Game Night

It is our 4th of July Friday night edition of our famous family game night. Enjoy pop quizzes of fun USA facts and trivia! We haven’t picked a movie yet but Independence Day is our top request so far. Join us for a fun evening… The MakerSpace is the place to be on the first Friday evening of the month as we gather to play games of strategy and fun. All are welcome! Some of the games we play include…

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