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Build a PC and Linux Install Workshop

build a pc

Are you in need of a computer system but can’t afford retail prices? There are lots of used equipment out there to be had, but we’ll go one better. Come to our PC build workshop to learn how to refurbish a system and walk away with it for free! That’s called a “win – win” situation. If you happen to have gently used and unused systems laying around the house, laptops or PCs, please consider donating them to the MakerSpace for this project. Or perhaps you have an old computer that can no longer be upgraded but you would like… (Read More)

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Linux Geek in Action

Windows on ev3 Linux

I’ve been using Linux for 23 years, though my daily desktop system is Windows and my play system is an iPad. While I can barely tolerate using Windows, I enjoy Linux, both the command line and even the GUI when I must venture to use graphical applications. Here I am installing the ssh (remote access)  client on Debian running on the ARM9 chip of a LEGO Mindstorms EV3 better known for its proprietary robotics firmware. At the same time, I am installing the OpenSSH server for access to PowerShell on my Windows 10 laptop. The EV3 and laptop are connected over an IP network running… (Read More)

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Living with Linux and Windows

Linux and Windows

This workshop series alternates between Linux and Windows and will be adjusted to student needs. We start with an introduction to the Linux Desktop using Mint, the system we have chosen for our desktop systems. Our laptop systems are powered by Windows 8 to give us a platform to teach tips and tricks about Microsoft Windows. These classes are for people with novice to average computer skills. If you are new to Linux, or if you are frustrated by some of the odd things that happen every time you power on your computer, this is the class for you. The first… (Read More)

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