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Thursday Tech Week 2

A hand holding an Arduino microcontroller

We had a great start to our Thursday night tech series last week. This week we will move the early meetup for kids and newbie adult programmers back a half hour to now start at 5:30. This will give some folks enough time to arrive from school or work. We’re working our way through the Kahn Academy online free course in JavaScript programming. The second meetup, at 7:00, is our gadget workshop. Last week we built our first simple arduino device that had a trigger (button) and a response (buzzer). That may sound trivial, but it was sufficient to demonstrate… (Read More)

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Tuesday CoderDojo for Teens and Adults

Starting next week, Aug 2, a few of us will be meeting up to begin relearning Java. We welcome others to join us from 8-9pm. This could be a good time for teens looking to prepare for or improve upon their AP computer science class. We will be starting with practical exercises in creating mods to Minecraft as we develop the unique features of our Greenbelt community Minecraft server. Future meetups will also cover programming in JavaScript, Python and C++. While Java is the code base for the legacy Minecraft client and server, the platform for xbox, tablets, Windows 10, and… (Read More)

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Winter Class Schedule Changes

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Our Introduction to Microelectronics class is back this winter, starting Tuesday at 7pm. This class will bump our CoderDojo meetup to Thursday evenings at 7pm. Dojo Ninjas are also welcome to meet on Saturday mornings at 10, when we will also be hosting a new Robotics Challenge for older kids and adults. All three activities continue all winter until Easter weekend. We will then take a break to make room for our Spring Break camp. Please register here: Intro to Microelectronics CoderDojo Robotics Challenge  

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Ninjas Gather at CoderDojo

We are off to a great start with our CoderDojo meetings. We signed up four kids the first week, ages 6 to 12, despite last minute vacations and the threat of homework from the upcoming school year. The kids are working on the Javascript Hour of Code online lesson plan developed by Khan Academy. Completing these lessons will earn them their first level white belt in Javascript! Our adult meeting was attended by five enthusiastic members, eager to program despite a few technical glitches in our development platform (Javascript for Minecraft). Good news, the glitches were resolved over the weekend so… (Read More)

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CoderDojo Organizational Meetings this Week

Our CoderDojo, a programming meetup for kids and adults will start meeting this week. Our planned scheduled is Tuesday at 7pm for kids, and 8pm for adults, and Saturday at 10am for kids. Our first topic is on learning Javascript and our first MakerSpace project is to create an event calendar system inside of a Minecraft server. We will then use the system to pull in Internet calendar info and graphics, e.g. to create dynamic posters for the current and coming attractions at the theater. Hmm, did I mention we are creating a Minecraft world to represent Greenbelt? Additional topics… (Read More)

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