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Knights and Castles Chess Club

Playing Chess

For several weeks, we have been meeting on Tuesday evenings for an informal meetup to play chess. By request, we’re now adding short lessons to the start of each hour. Our Knights (beginner) group meets from 7 to 8pm while our Castles (intermediate) group meets from 8 to 10pm. Players of all levels and all ages are welcome to join us.

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Bring a Book to Game Night

Join us for Family Game Night, 6-9pm on the first Friday of every month. This month we have a new game, gifted to us by an anonymous supporter of the game’s Kickstarter funding… Bring Your Own Book is the game of borrowed phrases, where players search through books for text to take way out of context. It’s easy. Players take turns drawing prompts from the deck, then race to find the best phrase in their own book that satisfies the prompt. Since you can use a different book each time, you can play it with any audience, and there’s a… (Read More)

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Minecraft Adventure This Friday

We have a new special events registration system on our website. Help us test it out if you are coming for our Friday game night where we will be hosting a special Minecraft adventure quest. Great fun kids and adults. New to Minecraft? No worries, we will have a safe tutorial world waiting for you. Minecraft accounts are not required; we supply everything!

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Minecraft Adventure Next Friday

Adventures in Minecraft

Next Friday evening is game night at the MakerSpace and in addition to our assortment of family games, we plan to host a Minecraft adventure world. During the week, I will challenge my Spring Break Camp kids to design some challenges every day. I can’t wait to see some of their ideas… Save the date, we will post a signup page on Monday.  

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Early Registration Now Open for Tech Camps

Registration is now open for our Spring Break and Summer Camps. To reserve a seat at the early bird low low price of $250, please sign up on one of the camp event pages listed under the Camps menu above. Our first camp is held the Easter Spring Break week of March 28 and features a variety of STEAM activities. Students will start with a challenge of creating an online interactive story or game animated with the Scratch system. Game design can be challenging so we have a fun program to introduce all of the core concepts. In past years we… (Read More)

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Friday Game Night

It is our 4th of July Friday night edition of our famous family game night. Enjoy pop quizzes of fun USA facts and trivia! We haven’t picked a movie yet but Independence Day is our top request so far. Join us for a fun evening… The MakerSpace is the place to be on the first Friday evening of the month as we gather to play games of strategy and fun. All are welcome! Some of the games we play include…

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Summer Camps Are Coming!

This is the 2015 page. For our current camp schedule, click on Camps in the menu above. Our summer tech camps, now at the reduced price of $250, are filling up fast, but we’re trying to accommodate all who apply. To reserve a seat, please see the signup page at: Our first camp is the week of July 13 with a heavy focus on robotics, both engineering and programming. Students with less experience will start out with the popular LEGO Mindstorms kit which has an endless number of challenges from simple rovers to challenge obstacle courses to engines that can… (Read More)

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Movie and Games this Friday!

The MakerSpace is the place to be on the first Friday evening of the month as we gather to play games of strategy and fun. All are welcome! This Friday we start the game play early in celebration and support of the (soft) re-opening of our neighbor, the Greenbelt Theatre. Their first film is Boyhood (R) at 5pm followed by Still Alice (PG-13) at 8:30pm. We invite movie patrons to drop their non-R rated kids with us for a few hours of fun game play. For those planning a dinner and the second movie, we’ll stay open late, perhaps with a… (Read More)

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