The MakerSpace is converting to become owned and operated by a community co-op, the new Greenbelt Makerspace Cooperative, Inc. (GMCI).

For more information or to get involved in helping draft our policies and procedures, please come to one of our meetings in early January:

Work session – Sunday, Jan 8, 4:30-6pm
Info session – Thursday, Jan 12, 7-9pm
Info session – Saturday, Jan 14, 7-9pm
Work session – Sunday, Jan 15, 4;30-6pm

Managing the Cooperative and operating the MakerSpace facilities and programs is a lot of work. Please contact us online or in person if you have the time and interest in any of the following areas:

  • Board of Directors (Co-op members only)
  • Audit committee (Co-op members only)
  • Advisory board
  • Membership committee
  • Finance committee
  • Facilities committee
  • Sci/Tech Programs committee
  • Arts/Crafts Programs committee
  • Public Relations committee
  • Events committee
  • Host or instructor

Thank you!

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