Tax-exempt Donations

Tax-exempt donations are currently on hold until we complete our re-organization from a private foundation to a community cooperative.

Don’t need a tax receipt?

If you don’t need, or decline to use a tax receipt for your donation, we save a 10% overhead charge. You may pay by check or credit card, either online or in person. In this case, please make your donation payable to “GreenSTEMs”, the real name of the Greenbelt MakerSpace (we are also known by our old name “Club125”). Our mailing address is:

Greenbelt MakerSpace
c/o George Boyce, President
7 Greenway Pl
Greenbelt, MD 20770

Or you can use our PayPal account:

Your donation is the cornerstone to our fundraising activities.


For claiming a tax credit or deduction for a non-charity donation, e.g. for camp tuition that may qualify you for Child and Dependent Care credit, the GreenSTEMs EIN is: 27-2281084. Thank you for your support!

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