Festival Focus: Take it Apart

Caution, some disassembly is required. This warning should come on all gadgets, mechanical or electronic, and should encourage the object’s owner to get every last bit of value from their purchase or gift. Yes, please recycle your junk electronics on April 22nd. But before you just toss it away, stop by the Maker Festival on Saturday to take part in our take it apart event! We’ll be here all day, from 10-4, for you to bring in stuff that you’ve always wanted to crack open. Junk free? No worries, we have lots of, um, supplies! This event is open to the public and to all ages. If your hands are too small or your eyesight not quite like it used to be, just grab a hammer. It works just like a screwdriver in most situations. Remember, you can’t break junk.

If your junk is something special, bring your camera to document its final day. Check out James Maher Photography for an excellent writeup of his disassembly of his Fuji X100 camera.

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