Microelectronics Demo and Class

A hand holding an Arduino microcontroller

Please join us Thursday evening between 7 and 9pm for a series of demonstrations on the practical use and power of the simple Arduino microcontroller. Rick will show how to use a moisture sensor to notify you of wet or dry conditions, a tool that can be used to keep plants healthy or basements dry.

The Arduino is a small inexpensive microcontroller that can be used in a wide variety of engineering, arts, and crafts projects. Any project that interfaces or interacts with the physical world can probably benefit from using an Arduino, with sensors, switches, lights, motors, or other control devices. Not sure what this means? Take a look here, or here.

The next class will start in early May and run for six weeks. Please watch for the schedule to be announced. Also, please contact us if you would like to volunteer to assist with the class.

This is a hands-on 6 day workshop where students will learn the basics of how to setup and use a microcontroller development system, and construct basic electronic circuits. No prior experience or knowledge is required. We are loosely following the online lesson plan at Adafruit.

Most activities at the MakerSpace are free and course materials will be online (go green!). For this workshop you have the options to bring your own kit or pay a small $10 lab fee to cover the expense of consumed components. Students may also choose to purchase their Arduino board ($35) or the entire project kit ($75) for use in their next project.

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