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Tuesday CoderDojo for Teens and Adults

Starting next week, Aug 2, a few of us will be meeting up to begin relearning Java. We welcome others to join us from 8-9pm. This could be a good time for teens looking to prepare for or improve upon their AP computer science class. We will be starting with practical exercises in creating mods to Minecraft as we develop the unique features of our Greenbelt community Minecraft server. Future meetups will also cover programming in JavaScript, Python and C++. While Java is the code base for the legacy Minecraft client and server, the platform for xbox, tablets, Windows 10, and… (Read More)

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CoderDojo Level Up

It is time for our Ninja to advance to the next level on their path to become future software engineers. The experience they have had with various Hour of Code activities has prepared them to work in MIT Scratch, a visual object oriented programming system for designing 2D animations, great for story telling, adventures, and games.

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