Faire Weather

faire weather

The weather is absolutely gorgeous! And it looks to hold through the weekend with maybe a blip of rain on Friday. Our fingers are crossed for a wonderful Saturday for guests, exhibitors, and entertainment at our 3rd annual Greenbelt Mini Maker Faire. We will be setting up Friday afternoon and Saturday morning with our first musical group on stage at 10am. Come out and join us, and learn more about the Maker Movement that we have embraced at the Greenbelt MakerSpace.  

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Ready to Craft a World?

minecraft servers

Our Thursday evening schedule is being changed slightly to accommodate our Minecraft Club. We will still have our Hour of Code start at 7pm, but we will be adding modding and scripting Minecraft to the activity list. Those who wish to have even more of a challenge are encouraged to join us at 8pm to work on our local servers and our world map of Greenbelt. Special activity this week, help us stress test our servers and select world maps for use during our full day of Minecraft challenges at the Greenbelt Mini Maker Faire on Saturday. For everyone who was… (Read More)

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Bring Out Your Dead (Electronics)


We are collecting dead electronic components like motherboards and interface cards to use in a community art project during the Greenbelt Mini Maker Faire. We will exhibit the final work on our wall above our computer equipment at the MakerSpace. Please drop your stuff off at the MakerSpace during the week or bring it with you on Saturday. Then you and/or your kids are invited to participate, all day during the faire!  

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Greatest (Tech) Show on Earth

usasciencefestival logo

Maybe “Greatest …” is a bold statement, but the USA Science and Engineering Festival will draw over 350,000 people to the Washington Convention Center this weekend. That certainly puts it in the running for the largest three day gathering of science and engineering geeks. We should know, we were exhibitors at the previous two shows. (We’re taking a break this year to prepare for our own Mini Maker Faire next weekend.) Just take a look at how much space is being set aside for this event:

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Friday Movie and Discussion


This Friday our weekly meetup at 7pm is hosted by a member to show Valentino’s Ghost on the big TV. Narrated by Michael Farrell, filmmaker Michael Singh’s documentary explores how depictions of Arabs and Muslims have changed from the romanticized image of Rudolph Valentino’s The Sheik to contemporary representations of evil. This 2012 film has a 7.8/10 rating by the IMDb. You may not agree with every observation in Michael Singh’s documentary “Valentino’s Ghost.” But this engrossing examination of American perceptions of Arabs and the Arab world gets you thinking. -NYT Critics’ Pick  

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Spring Fundraising


This week we begin our Spring Fundraising Drive. Our first goal is to add a new type of funding, business sponsorship, to complete our long-term funding model. Over the last week, we designed, printed, folded, stuffed, addressed and stamped our first major outreach to Greenbelt small businesses and corporations. We’re confident that local people at local companies will be in the best position to judge our value to the community. Jump to our new Business Sponsorship page.

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Linux Geek in Action

ssh on windows and ev3 linux

I’ve been using Linux for 23 years, though my daily desktop system is Windows and my play system is an iPad. While I can barely tolerate using Windows, I enjoy Linux, both the command line and even the GUI when I must venture to use graphical applications. Here I am installing the ssh (remote access)  client on Debian running on the ARM9 chip of a LEGO Mindstorms EV3 better known for its proprietary robotics firmware. At the same time, I am installing the OpenSSH server for access to PowerShell on my Windows 10 laptop. The EV3 and laptop are connected over an IP network running… (Read More)

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LEGO Build – New Class!


Saturday mornings, 10 – 11:30 a.m. (if you’re not playing soccer) why not come down and build some contraptions with LEGOs? Each week, we will focus on a new device; classes are independent of previous week’s work.  Some with real world applications; some just for fun.   We will be working on building mechanics – we may use a motor but this is not a programming class.  The first  class (April 16th) we’ll be working with zip lines!  After that it will be catapults, battering rams, balances, hand grippers and whatever else we think of. Class dates are:  April 16… (Read More)

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The Heat is On

greenbelt cold rainy weather

All I can say is that this is a great day to NOT host this year’s Maker Faire in Historic Old Greenbelt. We still have two weeks for the weather to warm up and dry out. While we can’t do anything to guarantee nice weather, we do have our tents ready to deploy. What we can do is keep working on our projects. What do you want to make for the faire? Photo credit: WUSA9 Weather Page

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Laptop Charging Station

Laptop charging station bench

Every once in a while, you need something and it appears. We got tired of the power cords stretching across the floor and decided that we needed a laptop charging station.  George put a request out.  Viktor answered.  And it is (almost) done. Well, that and deconstructing 3 found pallets, a bit of sawing and drilling, and time.  It’s kind of amazing when this happens.  (I’ve still got to get the power cords attached to each notebook slot.) It was supposed to be a bench but when I saw the flat horizontal surface I decided that it was just going to… (Read More)

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