Friday Game Night


It is our 4th of July Friday night edition of our famous family game night. Enjoy pop quizzes of fun USA facts and trivia! We haven’t picked a movie yet but Independence Day is our top request so far. Join us for a fun evening…The MakerSpace is the place to be on the first Friday… (Read More)

Seeking Summer Interns

unpaid interns

We may not have a huge salary pool. Ok, we’re all unpaid volunteers… but we have a lot of fun, especially during our summer camp programs! And the rewarding feeling we have on Friday afternoon, as our kids share their projects with family and friends, is too immense to measure. We have three week long… (Read More)

Sunday Art with Dolls

Making Art Dolls

Cythia is back to host our monthly meetup, art and general good feelings with “Psychesdolls”, archetypal artistry for Sandplay and Personal Altars. We call them Assemblage Art Dolls. By whatever name, they are easy and fun to make, just 60 – 90 minutes of creative play and you will be in awe of the results.This group… (Read More)

Re-Build a PC Workshop

build a pc

Our first tech workshop on the Summer calendar will send you home with a working personal desktop computer! Use our used parts, or bring your own new or used components. This event is for all ages. We will explain how the basic components, power supply, memory, disk, etc. all fit together. We’ve pulled the parts… (Read More)

Closed for Special Events

sorry, we are closed

We’re not open this weekend, June 13-14th. We’re promoting community makerspaces at the National Maker Faire today, and supporting the maker/art movement at the Kinetic Sculpture Race on Sunday.  Come out and join us to see some stuff you’ve never seen before, maybe get a few ideas for a sumner project! The Labor Day Parade is just around… (Read More)

We Need Money

It is hard to ask for money. When I started our venture in 2010, I had no future planned where it would be necessary. I formed a private foundation, where in fact it is hard to ask for support.A private foundation “maintains or aids charitable, educational, religious, or other activities serving the public good, primarily… (Read More)

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