This week @ the MakerSpace


It’s Minecraft Week at the MakerSpace! Round 2 of Summer Camp begins Monday at 9 a.m.  We’ll be closed (weeknights) as soon as the last camper leaves unless specified below: Wednesday:  Knit Night from 6 to 9 pm.  (The MakerSpace will be closed! This is the 3rd Wednesday of the month and Chix with Stix will be taking on other teams at the Pub Quiz at New Deal Cafe.) Friday:  Fermentation Fans 7 to 9 pm.  (I heard something about vegetarian kimchi …) Saturday and Sunday, we’ll be open from 10 am to 4 pm.  Animation Meetup will happen from 2… (Read More)

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Minecraft Club Gets a New Home


Just in time for our summer camp next week, our Minecraft Club gets a new home on the net at Together with new FB, Twitter, and YouTube pages, we now have the base for building an exciting community around the design, development, construction, and play of our Minecraft multiverse of worlds. Our MC club currently meets Thusday evenings, 7-9pm. All Minecraft enthusiasts of all ages are invited to join. We have all types of projects and game play planned. Our uber-project is to construct a virtual Greenbelt!

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This week at the Greenbelt MakerSpace


So much for that available free space … this week we started summer camps.  The computers (and table space) are all in use.  We close when the last camper is picked up; unless noted below: Wednesday, June 29 is Knit Night from 6 to 9 pm.  (Come fiber enthusiasts!  Come crocheters!  Come quilters!) Friday, July 1 is the First Friday of the month.  That means it is Game Night (of the non-computer variety) from 5 to 9 pm.  This month we have (another!) new game:  Game of Phones.  It’s a race to find the weirdest thing on your smartphone.  Bring your phone and… (Read More)

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Minecraft at the MakerSpace!


George wants to have Minecraft Night.  (!!!)  He chose the third Friday of the month, from 5 to 9 pm.  (THIS WEEK!) Given the interest of our other Minecraft events, computers are available first come/first served and  we will limit times as needed.  George is planning some challenges.  (I am planning on ear plugs.) Learn tips and tricks, maybe some mods.  (I will work on getting the google map of Greenbelt into a Minecraft world. Wanna help?)  

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Recent Donations Expand Makers Reach

A pile of electronic waste on a roadside in Guiyu. Much of modern electronic equipment contains toxic ingredients and as much as 4,000 tonnes of toxic e-waste is discarded every hour. Vast amounts are routinely and often illegally shipped as waste from Europe, USA and Japan to countries in Asia because it is easier and cheaper to dump the problem on poorer countries with lower environmental standards. Workers involved in dismantling e-waste are exposed to serious health hazards.

We have recently received some awesome donations, on top of our normal stream of used computers and laptops. These items help support and expand our activities in interesting ways.

Do you have something to donate? Drop us a note, or stop in and discuss your contribution to support our mission. P.S. Cash is also always welcome!


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Little Makers with Coffee… Filters!


This Friday, 6/10, our monthly Little Makers event is taking place from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Pre-school-aged kids (ages 2 through 6) and their families are invited to come and make a unique craft! This month, the Little Makers will be working with coffee filters. What is possible? Google it, and for example check out 24 Coffee Filter Crafts to Make.  

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Bring a Book to Game Night

bring your own book

Join us for Family Game Night, 6-9pm on the first Friday of every month. This month we have a new game, gifted to us by an anonymous supporter of the game’s Kickstarter funding… Bring Your Own Book is the game of borrowed phrases, where players search through books for text to take way out of context. It’s easy. Players take turns drawing prompts from the deck, then race to find the best phrase in their own book that satisfies the prompt. Since you can use a different book each time, you can play it with any audience, and there’s a… (Read More)

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Upcoming Repair Cafe: 5/14


  Do you have broken stuff? Then mark your calendar for this Saturday, May 14. Greenbelt MakerSpace will be hosting a Repair Cafe from 10AM to 4PM. Bring your broken electronics, jewelry, leather goods or anything else that needs fixing, and a talented volunteer will make it good as new.  

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The Better Scale


Check out the wonderful work of teen “maker” Brittany, founder of The Better Scale, a site that helps you answer the question “Who Am I?” If you missed her at the faire, you can meet her at the Spring Festival this Sunday afternoon in Columbia.

I met an amazing teen today. Brittany is founder of What an amazing movement! I am so excited that she agreed to be a part of our event on May 1st. She passed out these stickers at the Greenbelt Makers Faire. It was beautiful to see so many adults and kids, wearing these stickers. -Erin, Roll Up N Dye

Erin and Brittany teaming up. It reminds me of the (somewhat socially incorrect) lyrics of Arlo Guthrie.,, where three people make it an organization and fifty people make it a movement. Can you imagine it?

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