Fall Fundraising Drive

make a difference

Our Fall programs are starting right after we participate in Greenbelt’s fabulous Labor Day Festival. I hope everyone can come out and join us next weekend, especially on Saturday for Information Day, and on Monday for the parade. Please ask us about our mobile makerspace project, an ambitious expansion of our programs into Greenbelt East… (Read More)

STEAM T-Shirts

Imagine Explore Discover

Would you like a limited edition MakerSpace 2015 STEAM t-shirt? Our kids and volunteers will have t-shirts to proudly wear during the Labor Day parade, to promote the concept and impact of STEAM. Of course, we’re talking about our core topics of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, with a bit of Art added to ensure… (Read More)

Weekend Activities

busy weekend

I don’t imagine too many people stayed inside playing video games over the weekend. We certainly saw a lively crowd at the Roosevelt Center Plaza! If you didn’t stop in at the MakerSpace, you missed seeing our Saturday morning CoderDojo session, our Sunday afternoon Watercolor Painting workshop, our work rebuilding laptops, our project building a replacement… (Read More)

Ninjas Gather at CoderDojo

coder dojo

We are off to a great start with our CoderDojo meetings. We signed up four kids the first week, ages 6 to 12, despite last minute vacations and the threat of homework from the upcoming school year. The kids are working on the Javascript Hour of Code online lesson plan developed by Khan Academy. Completing… (Read More)

Labor Day Float Building


Please come out and join us these next two weekends, especially Sunday afternoon 3-6pm, to help us build and decorate our Labor Day parade float. The theme is STEAM. As in STEM education with a tad of Art added to improve our design process. We may love our Science and Technology, but we like to… (Read More)

Little Makers and Nature


Little Makers, pre-K kids, and their families meet up at the MakerSpace on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month, 5-7pm. Children work together with their parents/caretakers to craft, create, invent, and explore! Just bring your ideas and creativity – we’ll provide the materials. This week we’ll be crafting and creating with natural items,… (Read More)

CoderDojo Coming to the MakerSpace!

coder dojo

After putting out a post to test for interest in a Minecraft club, we received a generous anonymous donation of workstations and monitors to create a programming lab! So we’re moving forward with our plans to create a “CoderDojo” programming club… CoderDojo is a global movement of free, volunteer-led, community based programming clubs for young people…. (Read More)

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